Getting Divorced?

When you get divorced, you should consider the following:

Things to Consider

What You Need to Do

You may need to enroll in or remove dependent coverage
for the following plans within 30 calendar days of your divorce: Health and Dental Plans 

Personal & Family Accident Insurance

Flexible Spending Accounts

Supplemental Life Insurance

Request the change through Employee Self Service at BUworks Central by selecting the option “Manage my Benefits – Life or Career Events” within 30 days following the date of your divorce is finalized to complete your request.
You will be required to provide a copy of your divorce decree.

Please refer to Special Provisions for Former Spouses.

Update Beneficiary Designations for:

Supplemental Life Insurance

Personal & Family Accident Insurance

  • Log in to BUworks.
  • Select the Employee Self Service tab.
  • In the Benefits Section, select BU Benefits Center
  • Select Update my Life/Accident Insurance Beneficiary
BU Retirement Plan

Supplemental Retirement & Savings Plan

Complete a Beneficiary Change Form for

Make a change to:

  • Your name
Contact Human Resources. Requires supporting documentation.
  • Address
  • Emergency contact
  • Employee withholding (W-4)
Log in to BUworks.