How the Program Works

To be eligible, students must be admitted as full-time undergraduate degree candidates at Tuition Exchange member institutions.

Students must apply to the institution and meet all admissions criteria. Scholarships are available for a maximum of 4 years (8 semesters/12 trimesters) of full-time academic study in an undergraduate degree program. Summer sessions are excluded from this scholarship.

Enrollment must be recertified annually. This means you have to maintain eligibility for the full duration of the scholarship period in order to receive full Tuition Exchange benefits.

Once you have satisfied the Boston University service requirement described in Participation, each of your eligible unmarried dependent children may take up to 8 semesters (or 12 trimesters) through the Tuition Exchange Program, as long as they apply to, are admitted to, and are enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at a participating Tuition Exchange institution. However, only one of your dependent children may participate in the Tuition Exchange Program at any given time.

Boston University will award up to 10 new Tuition Exchange scholarships for undergraduate education in each academic year. Each scholarship is awarded for a maximum of 8 semesters or 12 trimesters to cover four academic years of full-time undergraduate study at participating Tuition Exchange institutions.

Because the University must balance the number of Tuition Exchange students it “exports” to other member institutions with those it “imports” for enrollment at Boston University, the number of scholarships available for eligible dependents of Boston University employees in any academic year is limited. Tuition Exchange scholarship availability is dependent on the availability of spaces at the admitting institution.

Having a child participate in the Tuition Exchange Program does not preclude your other child(ren) from participating in Boston University’s Tuition Remission Plan at the same time.

The maximum semesters available for Tuition Exchange benefits are aggregated with Tuition Remission benefits received at Boston University. Therefore, your eligible dependent child may not receive more than 8 semesters/12 trimesters of combined Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange benefits.

If your employment ends before the first day of classes, and your dependent elects to enroll or continue enrollment at a participating institution, your dependent will be responsible for the full tuition for the courses taken that semester, as determined by the admitting institution. If your employment ends before the last day of classes during a given semester, your dependent’s benefits will continue until the end of that semester.