Events That Affect Participation

Your basic life insurance benefits are affected if you no longer work a full-time schedule, continue to work beyond age 65, or if you become totally disabled.

If You Work Less Than 100% of a Full-Time Schedule

You must work 100% of a full-time schedule to retain the basic group life insurance. If you no longer work full-time, your life insurance coverage will end on the date you change to less than full-time status.

If You Continue to Work Beyond Age 65

If you continue to work beyond age 65, your basic life insurance will be reduced to a percentage of the coverage in force just prior to your 65th birthday. The amount of your insurance will be rounded to the next higher $1,000 and reduced to the following percentage:

Attained Age

Percent of Original Benefit

65 65%
70 45%
75 30%
80 and older 20%

If you enter the plan after age 65, your basic life insurance will be limited to a percentage (determined according to the above schedule) of your base salary in effect upon hire.

If You Become Totally Disabled

Once you begin to receive disability benefits from the University’s Long-Term Disability Plan, the amount of life insurance coverage available is equal to your basic and supplemental insurance in effect on the date you stop working because of your total disability, subject to any age-related reductions as explained above.  This coverage continues at no cost to you while you are receiving benefit payments under the Long-Term Disability Plan.

For full details, contact Human Resources.

If You Terminate Employment

Your basic life coverage under this plan will end on the last day of the month in which you terminate your employment with the University or when your status as a regular employee ends.

When your basic life coverage ends, you may convert your coverage to an individual whole life insurance policy if you apply to the insurance company. If the amount of your basic life insurance is reduced because of age, you may also convert the lost coverage to an individual whole life insurance policy issued by the insurance company.

You must apply for conversion and pay your first premium within 31 days after the reduction or termination of the coverage you wish to convert. A physical examination will not be required to convert your coverage. Your insurance coverage will continue during the 31-day conversion period should you die during this period.