Travel Accident Insurance Plan

If you are classified by the University as a regular employee, work a full-time schedule, and have an appointment of nine months’ or more duration, you will automatically become a member of the Travel Accident Insurance Plan.

Your coverage becomes effective on your first day of active employment. Employees whose percentage time worked decreases below the eligibility requirements for the Travel Accident Insurance Plan will no longer be able to participate in the benefit plan.

Plan Coverage

While you are traveling on authorized University business, the Travel Accident Insurance Plan provides financial protection against death, paralysis, or the loss of sight, speech, hearing, or limbs resulting directly from accidental injuries.


Boston University pays the entire cost of your coverage under the Travel Accident Insurance Plan.

Beneficiary Designation

When you begin your employment with the University, you will be asked to name your beneficiary on Employee Self Service at BUworks Central. Select BU Benefits Center. You may change your beneficiary at any time at the same web address.

Benefit Amount

Benefits under this plan depend on your benefit amount. Your benefit amount equals five times your annual base salary up to a maximum of $1 million of coverage.

Common Accident Coverage Limitation

The limit of insurance coverage payable as a result of any one accident, involving any number of University employees, is $3 million. If the total benefits payable for one accident exceeds this limit, the amount payable to each insured person is reduced proportionately.


A Member may not be insured as both a Member and a Dependent. A Child may not be insured by more than one Member.