Room Selection Tutorials

The Continuing Student Housing Application allows students to participate in Same Room Selection, Same Room Pull-In, Internal Room Selection and Community Room Selection. Students will also have the opportunity to create a group of potential roommates. Below you will find useful tutorials that will walk you through the room selection process. After viewing the tutorials, log into the My Housing Portal to complete your application.

All student profiles are fictitious in nature and information used was for illustration purposes only.

Creating Your Group

The Roommates page allows you to create a group of potential roommates. During room selection, students choosing a room at their assigned time slot will be able to assign members of their roommate group to available bed spaces in their chosen room.

For more information about roommate groups, click here.

Same Room Selection

Students who wish to return to their current assignment in the Fall may do so by participating in Same Room Selection.

For more information about Same Room Selection, click here.

Same Room Pull-In

Students participating in Same Room Selection may assign members from their roommate group to available bed spaces in their room via Same Room Pull-In.

For more information about Same Room Pull-Ins, click here.

Internal Room Selection

During Internal Room Selection, students will choose a room within their current residence.

For more information about Internal Room Selection, click here.

Community Room Selection

During Community Room Selection, students may choose a room in another residence.

For more information about Community Room Selection, click here.