Withdrawals & Leaves of Absence

Circumstances may change but you’ll always be a Terrier.

If you are planning to take a leave of absence or withdraw from Boston University, please do so at the University Service Center.

To be considered officially withdrawn from housing after you have taken a leave or withdrawn from the University, complete the following checkout procedures within 48 hours of the effective date of your leave of absence or withdrawal:

  • Return your keys, in person, to your residence office and get a key receipt. (Do not give your keys to another student or a Resident Assistant to return for you.)
  • Remove all belongings and leave your room/apartment in a clean, livable condition with all the furniture that was in your residence when you first occupied it, arranged as you found it.
  • Fill out a mail forwarding/change-of-address card and visit the mail room to collect any packages or mail.
  • Stop using your Terrier Card (Boston University ID card) to avoid additional dining plan, Convenience Points Plan, and/or Apartment Plan charges.

Residence and dining plan charges are credited in accordance with the University’s Published Schedule. You can refer questions about residence and dining plan charges or credits to BU Housing.

If you were living off campus and had a dining plan or an Apartment Plan, contact the Terrier Card Office immediately to cancel it.

The Terrier Card Office can also answer questions about unused Convenience Points.

Students who take a leave of absence, please note:
BU Housing cannot guarantee you on-campus housing in the current or any subsequent academic year. If you’d like to secure on-campus housing for the semester of your return, contact BU Housing to request an application and learn more about availability. Applications for housing are reviewed on an individual basis and responded to in writing.