Room Selection Numbers & Times

BU Housing will notify students of their room selection number and selection time slots via their BU email address. Separate selection time slots for Same Room Pull-In, Internal and Community Room Selection will be emailed prior to the dates of each process.  If a student receives a selection time slot for one selection process and does not select a room, they will be sent a new selection date and time slot for the next selection process for which they are eligible.

Room selection time slots are generated based on a student’s room selection number which are generated by class year.  Please see the room selection number ranges below.

Number range
Class year
1 – 10,000
Rising Seniors
Rising Juniors
Rising Sophomores

Note: All non-degree MET students will receive sophomore numbers, regardless of how long they have lived in University housing.

If you find errors in your class year, current residence, and/or room number, do the following:

  • Incorrect class year. Verify your class year status by checking it on the MyBU Student Portal. If the incorrect class year appears on the MyBU Student Portal, contact the records department at your School or College to update your information. You must contact BU Housing with updated information to receive a new Room Selection number. You will not be issued a new Room Selection Number until the University’s system reflects the update.
  • Wrong residence/room listed for Same Room. Contact BU Housing to verify your correct residence/room and to correct the documentation.
  • No information received. Contact BU Housing.