Applying as a Continuing Student

Don’t miss out. You already know the advantages to living on campus: worry-free, secure, affordable housing that’s close to classes, friends, organizations, campus activities, and multiple dining options. That’s a combination impossible to find anywhere else.

But do you know how much flexibility you have to customize and set up your ideal living situation? You can stay where you are, move up or down a floor, pull in friends as roommates, or live in gender-neutral rooms. And room selection is easy.

You can also remain in, or select into, a Living-Learning or Specialty Community residence, but you have to apply and be approved.

Sound good? Start your Continuing Student Housing Application.


    Picking Your Spot - Room Selection

    Room selection has four phases. Time slots are assigned by class year: seniors choose first, then get the idea.

    Fine-Tune Your Living Situation

    You're a Terrier. You know that proper preparation is key. So there are still things to consider before you pick your perfect place.