Roommate Choice
Gender-Neutral Housing

BU Housing seeks to provide a living environment for students who wish to share a room or apartment with friends regardless of gender. Offering gender-neutral housing option to upper-class students, allows increased choice in selecting roommates. It affords students maximum responsibility for their own room assignment and is consistent with the University’s commitment to learning through students’ active decision-making and engagement in the learning environment.

Guiding Principles

Based upon research, community norms and direct observations, the following principles guide the gender-neutral housing process:

  • No student will be required to live in a gender-neutral room, suite, or apartment without the student’s consent.
  • Gender-neutral assignments are not permitted in large, dormitory-style residences with shared community bathrooms.
  • Students in gender-neutral housing may select their roommates and those with whom they share dorms, suites, or apartments.
  • Students do not have to express their reasons for wanting to live in gender-neutral housing.
  • Entering freshmen students are not eligible to participate in gender-neutral housing.
  • The laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts guide assignments for transgender students. BU Housing will work with all transgender students individually on their room assignments.

Given the above principles, the following parameters have been established:

  • Claflin, Rich and Sleeper Halls; the Warren Towers complex; and The Towers are specifically excluded from having gender-neutral rooms.
  • When selecting a gender-neutral unit during the room selection process, students must fill all of the spaces within the room, suite, or apartment.
  • Students selecting gender-neutral assignments agree to the rules established regarding the filling of vacancies. For more information on vacancies – Click Here
  • Gender-neutral housing is not a specialty program requiring programmatic participation or approval.
  • Rooms within Specialty Communities and Living-Learning Communities (except Global House) are not eligible to be gender-neutral.

How to live in Gender-Neutral Housing

Upper-class students wishing to reside in Gender-Neutral Housing may select gender-neutral rooms, suites, and apartments if they have selected to participate in Gender-Neutral Housing when asked in their Continuing Student Housing Application. During room selection they will have the following options:

  • Same Room Pull-In: After choosing to reside in their same room, students can make their unit gender-neutral and pull other students from their mixed-gender roommate group into their unit. For more information – Click Here
  • Gender-Neutral Community Room Selection: After the completion of the Same Room Pull-In process, students will be able to choose from a select number of bed spaces across campus area, room size, room type, and price range. For more information – Click Here

If you wish to change rooms or if there is a vacancy in a gender-neutral unit, students also have options to fill the unit. For more information – Click Here


If you have any further questions regarding Gender-Neutral Housing – Click Here