Gender-Affirming Housing

We believe that students should be able to live together regardless of sex or gender, and that the role of BU Housing is to provide all students with comfortable, affirming spaces where they may find community and support. The Housing staff are committed to working with all students to find the room and roommate you desire. To achieve this, we work collaboratively with all transgender, non-binary, questioning, gender non-conforming, and cisgender students to ensure that they feel supported and comfortable while living on campus.

Gender-affirming housing assignments may be on a mixed-gender floor, suite, or apartment based on availability. Choosing gender-affirming housing will allow students of different gender identities and/or sexes to be assigned to the same room. Students who have questions about gender-affirming housing should contact the housing office at

Students do have the option to request roommates or to be placed with other students who indicate they also want to live in gender-affirming housing.

First Year & Transfer Students

If you are a first year or transfer student, who would like to sign up for gender-affirming housing, you will have the opportunity to indicate your building and roommate preference during the application process. If you do not have a building preference or roommate choice, we will work with you to identify another student who has also signed up for gender-affirming housing.

You will find the New Student Housing Application in the My Housing Portal.

We are committed to assisting students in finding their preferred roommate and if possible, their preferred building and room. If you have any questions around gender-affirming housing, please contact BU Housing at, and a senior housing staff member will respond to schedule a time to speak with you.

Continuing Students

Continuing students participating in Room Selection can find out more information in Gender-Affirming Housing Room Selection.

Continuing students joining on-campus housing in the spring, can indicate a preference for gender-affirming housing within the Spring Only Housing Application.

Communicating with Us

We recognize that not all students will want to indicate on their housing application that they prefer a gender-affirming housing assignment. To support all students, we have identified members of our senior staff who are available to personally answer any questions that students may have regarding our gender-affirming housing process and to accept your preferences in person. Students may contact these staff members via email at or via telephone at 617-353-3511.

We also offer a Zoom or Teams meeting option.  To schedule a video consultation before making any housing decisions, please email us at All conversations are confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Gender-Affirming Housing?

  • New and Transfer students may indicate on their Housing Application that they want to participate in gender-affirming housing. If you are not comfortable using the housing application, you may contact a senior housing staff member at and they will schedule a time to speak with you.

How do I go about identifying/requesting a roommate(s)?

  • New and Transfer students will have an option to list their preferred roommate when they submit their Housing application. Once the application is submitted, students may contact the housing office via

Am I able to request a single room?

  • Yes, you may request a single room; however, there are a limited number of single rooms available. Please confirm the room rate before you select a room as prices vary based on the style of room you choose.

Do we have to agree to be roommates?

  • Yes, we do ask that roommate requests be mutual.

How can I communicate with the Housing Office staff?

  • We have multiple channels of communication available to students.
    • In-person office visits at 25 Buick Street
      • Office is open 9-5 pm M-F
    • Telephone
      • Our office number is 617-353-3511
    • Email
    • Zoom or Teams
      • Scheduled video sessions with senior housing staff can be arranged. Simply send an email to, and we will arrange for a video call.

What if I have been assigned to an ADA space for my disability, may I choose my roommate?

  • Yes, if you are a new first-year or transfer student, you may indicate your roommate preference on your housing application. If you are a continuing student, you may contact BU Housing via or by phone at 617-353-3511 to indicate your roommate preference.

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