Cleanliness, a group effort
Staff from Facilities Management & Operations is responsible for maintaining all University property and facilities, removing snow from sidewalks and entryways during the New England winter, and trimming shrubs and grass in the spring and summer.

In the residences, Facilities Management & Operations staff members take care of general upkeep, physical appearance, and overall cleanliness. Specifically, the staff is responsible for cleaning public areas, hallways, lounges, and common floor bathrooms on weekdays. The staff is not responsible for cleaning student rooms and apartments or bathrooms and common areas located in student rooms, suites, or apartments.

On weekends and holidays, the cleanliness of all common areas and bathrooms depends on residents. And aside from keeping their rooms and apartments and suites clean, students are also responsible for removing their trash to a designated central location.

Students can request maintenance service of a routine nature by completing a maintenance request form at their residence office, which will forward it to the Facilities Management & Operations staff.

For furniture and appliance maintenance, submit a request on the My Housing portal. For more information, visit the furniture and appliance requests page.

If a problem is not resolved, let your resident assistant know or go to your residence office. We want to make sure your requests are being addressed.

For emergencies only, call the Facilities Management & Operations 24-hour service line: 617-353-2105.