Property Insurance

Make sure you’re covered!
Every resident is encouraged to obtain/carry adequate personal property insurance, as the University’s insurance program is limited to coverage of University-owned property.

The University does not assume responsibility for personal property in the residences and strongly advises parents to extend the coverage of their household insurance to protect the students’ property from any form of loss or damage.

Subject to the provisions of applicable law, the University shall not be liable directly and/or indirectly for personal injury, loss, or damage to personal property of a resident, his or her family, guarantor, legal guardian, relatives, friends, visitors, or overnight guests caused by fire, theft, or any other cause whether such personal injury, loss, or damage occurs in a residence facility, or elsewhere, on or off the University campus.

Students are free to choose their own insurance carrier for personal property coverage. As a service to students who are uncertain how to obtain coverage, the University offers this informative link to a student personal property policy through National Student Services, Inc. (This link will bring you to an outside website.) Any subsequent purchase of a policy through National Student Services, Inc. is a transaction between the student and NSSI, and will not involve Boston University.