Pull-Ins & Roommate Selection

During the Same Room portion of Room Selection, occupants of a room may assign as many students as the room, suite, or apartment accommodates (e.g., if you live in a five-person suite, you may pull in one, two, three, or four students); this is done via the Continuing Student Housing Application. Current occupants are given priority to return to their same room, suite or apartment.  After all current residents have had the opportunity to select their same room, the opportunity to pull in other roommates into remaining spaces will take place based on room selection numbers and selection times.

Choosing your roommates

In order to pull in another student to your room or to assign them during Internal or Community Room Selection, roommate requests must be mutual—i.e., you must accept a request  to be part of another student’s roommate group. This is done via the online Continuing Student Housing Application where students will search for, and agree to, the possibility of living together.