Focused Research Programs


The mission of the Hariri Institute’s Focused Research Programs (FRPs) is to evolve and advance Boston University’s research in computing and data science around areas of strategic importance and emerging opportunity. The programs are designed to facilitate research convergence by providing ‘scaffolding’ for groups to coalesce in sustainable ways, with the goal of accelerating research for future funding and broader impact.

News & Updates


The Teaching Machines Human-Like Intelligence FRP creates convergence around foundational research in artificial intelligence (AI) at BU. Learn more here. 



The Quantum Convergence FRP launches broad conversations and collaborations across BU around quantum science and engineering. Learn more here.





The Data and Misinformation in an Era of Sustainability and Climate Change Crises FRP aims to understand the nature, origins, spread, impacts, and possibilities of disarming disinformation about the climate issue in an effort to address the climate crisis. Learn more about this joint FRP with the Institute for Global Sustainability on their website.




The Predicting and Preventing Epidemic to Pandemic Transitions FRP, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), aims to develop a comprehensive strategy and the required science base for predicting and preventing future pandemics. Learn more here.





The Simulation Modeling for Population Health FRP addresses the key challenges in applying simulation modeling to population health. Learn more here.




The Continuous Analysis of Mobile Health Data among Medically Vulnerable Populations FRP leverages mobile health data to develop medical models. Learn more here.




The Machine Learning for Chemistry and Materials Science FRP seeks to advance the design and synthesis of small molecules and materials through machine learning. Learn more here.




The Leveraging AI to Examine Disparities and Bias in Health Care FRP explores the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in health care. Learn more here.




Are you a BU faculty member with an idea for a future FRP? Learn more about the application process by clicking here.