Centers & Initiatives

Uniquely situated at the crossroads of computational research at BU, the Institute is home to a federation of the following centers and initiatives:

AI Research Initiative (AIR)

A cross-disciplinary research initiative focused on machine intelligence.

AI and Education Initiative

Facilitating innovation by integrating AI and its social contexts and implications of education.

Boston Women’s Workforce Council

A public-private partnership between the Mayor’s Office and the Greater Boston business community, aiming to eliminate the gender/racial wage gap and remove barriers to women’s advancement.

Center for Computational Science

Founded in 1990, the center connects BU computational scientists to support collaborations across departments and colleges.

MOC Alliance

An open production cloud that provides domain researchers with resources, support and a community for them to interact between research, development, and production operations.

Center for Information & Systems Engineering

The center’s mission is to deepen and broaden interdisciplinary research in the study and design of intelligent systems with broad societal applications.

Center for Reliable Information Systems and Cyber Security 

The center promotes and coordinates research and education in system reliability and information security.

Cyber Alliance

A collaboration between computer science, law, business, and social science researchers to position BU as a leader in the burgeoning global discussion on cybersecurity.

Digital Health Initiative

The initiative supports research that leverages technologies and methodologies from computing and data sciences to tackle a range of applications related to healthcare systems, from medical informatics to healthcare delivery and administration.

Red Hat Collaboratory

The partnership between Red Hat and Boston University connects BU faculty and students with industry practitioners working in open-source software communities.

Software & Application Innovation Lab (SAIL)

A professional software design and development lab that serves as a collaborative resource for computational and data-driven research efforts across Boston University.