Quantum Convergence

Focused Research Program


The goals of the Quantum Convergence FRP are to launch broad conversations and collaborations across BU that reveals crosscutting themes around quantum science and engineering that will make BU well-positioned to lead and collaborate in large-scale research projects.

Through the FRP’s collaborative work, the BU Quantum Science & Engineering Consortium (QSEC) was launched in September 2024.  QSEC is a university-wide initiative that was created to identify areas of excellence and opportunities for targeted joint hires across departments and colleges with significant existing research programs in Quantum 2.0 sciences.  Learn more about BU Quantum Convergence here.

Focused Research Program led by

  • Andrei Ruckenstein, Professor, Physics

Research Thrusts

1. Quantum Chemistry and Materials Science of Quantum Computers

This thrust addresses some of the challenges regarding the development of robust and efficient quantum algorithms for realistic quantum chemistry applications on currently available quantum hardware, error correction required for controlled computations on noisy devices, and integration of quantum and classical computation.


2. From Qubits/Qudits to Novel Quantum States of Matter

This thrust focuses on the emulation of physical (quantum) systems to reach a physical realization of novel states of matter in programmable devices.


3. Computational Complexity and Cryptography in a Quantum World

This thrust aims to understand the inherent computational limitations of quantum computing devices.


4. Quantum Sensing: From Molecules to Gravitational Waves

This thrust explores a number of quantum sensing platforms that promise opportunities and breakthroughs in fields ranging from biochemistry and life sciences to cosmology and fundamental physics.


5. Quantum Communication Protocols and Systems

This thrust investigates novel protocols and experimental realizations of practical quantum communication networks and entanglement distribution systems that address some of these challenges.

How to get involved?

For program specific inquiries and questions, please contact Andrei Ruckenstein (andreir@bu.edu).

Faculty interested in submitting a Focused Research Programs proposal are strongly encouraged to discuss their ideas with the Hariri Institute’s Director, Yannis Paschalidis (yannisp@bu.edu).

To learn more details about the Hariri Institute’s Focused Research Programs, visit here.