Collaborative Spaces

COVID-19:  Boston University & the Hariri Institute are committed to promoting a safe campus environment. The Hariri Institute’s spaces will be adhering to the current Boston University safety protocols. We ask those who reserve the Hariri Institute spaces to use provided cleaning products and wipes to clean the space prior to their meeting, and remove all trash after the meeting. 

The Hariri Institute’s collaborative spaces encourage innovative thinking by allowing people of various academic backgrounds to gather and collectively contribute to a project or idea. This type of space is invaluable to cultivating interdisciplinary research as it provides a community space for creative approaches for solutions to modern problems.

Below are detailed instructions on how BU Faculty & students can reserve Institute spaces through 25Live, manuals on how to use the equipment in the spaces and a list of space features.

How to reserve a Hariri Institute space

All Hariri Institute meeting and event spaces must be requested through 25Live. Each reservation request is reviewed within two business days and an email notification will be sent from 25Live to acknowledge if the reservation has been confirmed or denied.

For urgent room requests within two business days, we ask you to submit the request in 25Live and also request the space by emailing Stephen Brown, the Hariri Institute’s Director of Finance and Administration, at

Requesting Access as a 25Live New User:

  1. First, request access to be a “Space Requestor” by completing the “Request Access to 25Live” form on the following webpage: Access will be granted within a few business days from the Office of the University Registrar Office.
  2. Click one of the “Reserve Room” buttons below.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Request Access to 25Live”.
  4. Fill out the form. If you are requesting a space to have an event, select “I’m a Requester”.
  5. The review of “training materials” refers to this list of guides. Review them to become more familiar with 25Live.

    Navigating and Creating Events in 25Live:

    1. Once you have access to 25Live, click one of the “Reserve Room” buttons below.
    2. Click “25Live” in the “Access” section of “GENERAL EVENT REQUESTING ACCESS”.
    3. Log in using your Kerberos information.
    4. If your previous access request was approved correctly, there will be a blue “Create Event” button.

    Available Rooms to Reserve