Continuous Analysis of Mobile Health Data among Medically Vulnerable Populations: Focused Research Program

Our Focus

The goal of the Continuous Analysis of Mobile Health Data among Medically Vulnerable Populations FRP is to leverage mobile health data sources for developing dynamic models privately in the cloud that predict diseases and anticipate changes in physiology or behavior in large cohort studies and clinical trials among underserved populations.

Focused Research Programs led by:

  • Nicole Spartano, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, School of Medicine
  • Lisa Quintiliani, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Medicine
  • Vasiliki Kalavri, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

Research Thrusts

  1.  Clinical, mobile health data measurement

Identify data streams and analytic tasks of relevance to the clinical community and population cohorts.

  • Thrust Leaders:
    • Nicole Spartano, Research Assistant Professor, Medicine
    • Lisa Quintiliani, Associate Professor, Medicine
  • Core Participants:
    • Belinda Borrelli, Professor, Health Policy and Health Services
    • Joanne Murabito, Professor, Medicine
    • Emelia Benjamin, Professor, Medicine and Epidemiology
    • Devin Steenkamp, Assistant Professor, Medicine
    • Rebecca Mischuris, Assistant Professor, Medicine
    • Michael Paasche-Orlow, Professor, Medicine
    • Tracy Battaglia, Associate Professor, Medicine
    • Rebecca Lobb, Assistant Director of Community Engagement, Boston University’s Clinical and Translational Research Institute
  1. Cloud and streaming data infrastructure

Design, develop, and deploy a Cloud testbed for continuous collaborative analytics on private health data streams.

  • Thrust Leaders:
    • Vasiliki Kalavri, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
    • Ioannis Liagouris, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Computer Science
  • Core Participants:
    • Abraham Matta, Professor, Computer Science
    • Orran Krieger, Research Professor, Computer Science
    • David Boas, Professor, Biomedical Engineering
    • Mayank Varia, Research Associate Professor, Computer Science
  1.  Machine learning and federated data approaches

Develop statistical and machine learning models to analyze mobile health data.

  • Thrust Leaders:
    • Honghuang Lin, Associate Professor, Computational Biomedicine, Medicine
    • Vijaya Kolachalama, Assistant Professor, Medicine
  • Core Participants
    • Dr. Yannis Paschalidis, Professor, Engineering
    • Dr. Rhoda Au, Professor, Epidemiology
    • Dr. Avi Seidmann, Professor, Information Systems
    • Dr. Guanglan Zhang, Associate Professor, Computer Science


Upcoming Events

Event details coming soon.

Past Events

1st FRP Workshop – Click HERE to view the workshop’s webpage
Date: Wednesday, July 14th
Time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm ET
Location: Zoom Meeting. See below Zoom meeting details.
Meeting ID: 966 4011 2406
Password: 430283

FRP Kick-off Meeting
Date: Wednesday, June 30th
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET
Location: Zoom Meeting. See below Zoom meeting details.
Meeting ID: 916 4995 2384
Password: 009727


How to get involved?

For program specific inquiries and questions, please contact Nicole Spartano (, Lisa Quintiliani ( and/or Vasiliki Kalavri (

Faculty interested in submitting a Focused Research Programs proposal are strongly encouraged to discuss their ideas with the Hariri Institute’s Director, Eric Kolaczyk ( 

To learn more details about the Hariri Institute’s Focused Research Programs, visit here.