Welcome to the Hariri Institute!

The Hariri Institute for Computing at Boston University is dedicated to leading integrated initiatives in research and technology development, targeting a broad set of disciplines at the nexus of the computational and data sciences.

Eric Kolaczyk
Eric Kolaczyk

In pursuit of this vision, the Institute leverages a diverse set of mechanisms and resources, including focused research programs, office and lab space, state-of-the-art conferencing facilities, software and data science development capacities, computational infrastructures, thematic research centers and initiatives, and staff support.

To further the societal and real-world impact of its various endeavors, the Institute engages not only with members from across the BU academic community but also with industrial collaborators and partners from the public and private sectors.

Computing and data science are now embedded in the human experience and informing nearly everything we do. With core strengths in cloud computing, security and data privacy, and artificial intelligence, as well as a network of over 250 research affiliates across a vast spectrum of disciplines, the Hariri Institute is positively impacting people everywhere. In turn, it serves as a window – viewed, as it were, through a computational lens — into the truly tremendous impact and potential inherent in Boston University itself.

Are you interested in finding out more or getting involved? Please join us!

Eric Kolaczyk
Director, Hariri Institute for Computing