Focused Research Programs

The Hariri Institute for Computing’s Focused Research Programs (FRPs) support intensive, faculty-driven efforts in large, multi-disciplinary teams. The FRP mission is to evolve and advance Boston University’s research in computing, computational, and data-driven science and engineering around areas of strategic importance and emerging opportunity. The programs are designed to facilitate research convergence by providing ‘scaffolding’ for groups to coalesce in sustainable ways, with the goal of accelerating research for future funding and broader impact.

Faculty interested in submitting a proposal are strongly encouraged to discuss their ideas as early as the fall with the Hariri Institute’s Director, Yannis Paschalidis, Funding decisions are typically made in April or May, following the spring meeting of the Hariri Institute Steering Committee.

Proposing a Focused Research Program is a two-stage process. Pre-proposals are due by Thursday, February 2, 2023 and full-proposals are due by Thursday, April 6, 2023.

For administrative questions, please contact Katherine D’Angelo, Assistant Director, Programs and Events, at