Leadership & Staff

The Hariri Institute for Computing is a federation of centers, labs, and initiatives. Our leadership team is comprised of the Directors or Co-Directors of each federated area, plus the Institute’s Director. Each of these leaders serves on the Institute’s Steering Committee in an ex-officio capacity.

Institute Director

Center & Initiative Directors

Institute Directors are ex-officio members of the Institute’s Steering Committee.

Administrative Staff

The Hariri Institute has assembled a team of talented and dedicated professionals to help researchers make connections, identify additional support resources, and lift the burden of administrative support, so that more research is accomplished with far fewer barriers.

The Institute’s administrative staff provide program and project management, grant administration, event planning, communications support, and more.

Administrative Interns

The Hariri Institute for Computing welcomes a diverse group of Undergraduate and Graduate student interns to the Marketing Communications team. The Administrative Interns help with elevating the Hariri Institute to national visibility by supporting the Marketing Communications Specialist.