Giving Your Neurons a Nudge: ECE Researchers Use Light, Sound and Microwaves to Influence Brain Function

Professors Ji-Xin Cheng and Chen Yang have two ongoing projects that could LITERALLY change your mind. The application of optoacoustic stimulation directly to specific neural circuits holds great promise for new therapeutic applications, while the inhibiting effects of microwaves on other neurological processes may offer a drug-free form of pain management.

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ECE PhD Interns on FPGA and Machine Learning

An internship at ALCF provides real world experience for Yang and Sanaullah By Shereen Abubakr (QST ’18) ECE PhD Students Chen Yang (ECE ’19) and Ahmed Sanaullah (ECE ’20) worked together while interning at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF). A highly regarded organization that offers a selective internship program, the ALCF provides supercomputing capabilities […]

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