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Partnerships and collaborations mean innovative marketing for restaurants today.

A BHR Interview with Roger Drake, Interim Chief Marketing Officer, Condado Tacos Roger, what are some of the more innovative marketing methods you utilize for the restaurant brand today, and why are they effective?  Partnerships and collaborations that create a win-win opportunity work really well for this brand. Matching the restaurant brand’s target guest base […]

What does Gen Z consider to be innovative marketing?

A BHR Interview with Dylan Huey Gen Z Founder, TEDx Speaker, Digital Creator & Musician at Rodin’ Flash Dylan, explain the mission of REACH, and why you were compelled to establish the organization.  REACH was conceived out of a clear void in the academic and professional ecosystem for collegiate individuals deeply passionate about the evolving […]

Kendall McCreary, Influencer Marketing Strategist, bread & Butter

A BHR Interview with Kendall McCreary, Influencer Marketing Strategist, bread & Butter Kendall, how important is influencer marketing in the work you do with hospitality or lifestyle brands? Why? Influencer Marketing is extremely important, as we continue to see its impact on how consumers make decisions. We are seeing TikTok beginning to be labeled as […]