Doctoral Student Presentations & Progress

Bi-monthly seminars are held throughout the academic year for PhD student presentations. Students who have completed coursework and have passed their qualifying examinations must (a) present the status of their dissertation work in at least one seminar per year, and (b) attend at least one seminar each month. Presentations are 1 hour with two students presenting at each session. Generally, presentation times alternate between mornings and evenings on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month to accommodate as many schedules as possible. Below is the schedule. All students and faculty are encouraged to attend the presentations. These events are open to the public. All Spring presentations will be in Crosstown 4th Floor, 801 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, 02118.

Dissertation Policy Update
The Department of Biostatistics requires doctoral students in the dissertation stage of the program to meet with their Dissertation Committee twice a year. At least three committee members must be in attendance. The update form should be returned to the Curriculum Coordinator no later than May 15th and December 15th of each year.

Spring 2015

Date Time Location Presenter(s)
Feb 12 9:00-10:00am CT-462 Elizabeth Kane
Mar 12 9:00-10:00am CT-462 Soudeh Ansari and Jeremiah Perez
Mar 19 5:00-6:600pm CT-460 Jaeyoung Hong and Mizue Krygowski
Apr 9 5:00-6:600pm CT-460 Meredith Stevenson and Flora Xue
Apr 23 5:00-6:600pm CT-460 Baiyun Yao and Hanna Gerlovin
May 7 9:00-10:00am CT-462 Hearther Shappell and Paula Griffin