Doctoral Student Presentations

PhD student dissertation presentations are held regularly throughout the academic year. They are open to the public and all students and faculty are encouraged to attend. All presentations will be in Crosstown 4th Floor, 801 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, 02118.

  • Doctoral students in coursework phase are required to attend at least one PhD student presentation per semester.
  • Doctoral students in dissertation phase must (a) present the status of their dissertation work in at least one seminar per year and (b) attend at least 3 other students’ presentations each semester (fall and spring).

Presentation sessions last 1 hour with two students presenting at each session. The schedule is below.

Fall 2016

Date Time Location Presenter(s)
September 8 9-10 am CT-462 Revathi Ananthakrishnan
September 13 1-2 pm CT-462 Anamika Chaudhury
October 6 9-10 am CT-462 TBD
October 18 1-2 pm CT-462 Mizue Krygowski and Solaiappan Manimaran
November 3 9-10 am CT-462 TBD
November 15 1-2 pm CT-462 Yuning Chen and Danielle Enserro
December 1 9-10 am CT-462 Na Wang and Virginia Fisher
December 13 1-2 pm CT-462 Xuan Deng and Shuo Li