Zambia Country Program

The Center for Global Health & Development works through its local representative partner, the Zambia Center for Applied Health Research and Development (ZCAHRD), to carry out applied policy- and program-relevant research on critical issues of public health importance, through direct engagement with local experts and researchers. The goal of the Zambia program is to generate evidence to support health policy decisions that will improve public health and wellbeing in Zambia. In addition, ZCAHRD serves as a partner to the Government of Zambia in health service delivery, especially in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV and early infant diagnosis (EID) for pediatric HIV care. The collaborative relationship between ZCAHRD and the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) has been formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Health (MOH). ZCAHRD also works closely with the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health (MCDMCH), which is now responsible for all primary health care services as well as maternal and child health in Zambia.

Led by Godfrey Biemba, a member of the BU faculty and native to Zambia, the CGHD’s Zambia country program employs over 97 local Zambian staff who design, implement, and manage over 10 research and service delivery projects throughout the country. The CGHD has the capacity to design and implement research studies, collect and analyze data, manage local ethical review and governmental approval processes, as well as serve as the logistical and administrative base for Boston University faculty, staff, and students while they are in the country. We are well established as an active participant within various Technical Working Groups at the Zambian Ministry of Health and MCDMCH in efforts to guide informed public health policy decisions and their implementation. We currently have offices in the capital, Lusaka, as well as four other sites in Southern Province where most of our research and all of our implementation activities occur.

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Contact the Zambia Office

Dr. Godfrey Biemba, Lusaka Country Office Contact
Zambia Center for Applied Health Research & Development
4186 Addis Ababa Drive
Lusaka, Zambia 10101
Telephone: +260 211 268 616  Direct: +260211254639
Fax: +260-211268617

Dr. Godfrey Biemba, Choma Site Contact
Plot 196, Kaponda Street, Mochipapa Area
P.O. Box 630055, Choma, Zambia, 10101
Direct: +260211254639

Godfridah Mwamba Chiyanzo, Mazabuka Site Contact
BUPIP Mazabuka Office
Plot 407, Omelo Mumba Road
Mazabuka, Zambia
Telephone/Fax: +260-2103230424

Charity Kandemanje Mulembeni, Livingstone Site Contact
BUPIP Livingstone Office
Plot 173, Libala Road
Livingstone, Zambia
Telephone/Fax: +260-2103324563