In this final engagement with Silent Anatomies and Tributary, I strove to define the silver linings between privilege and limitation in cultures that implicitly bar the freedoms of minority groups. I was initially intrigued by the bodily experiences of the complex speakers presented in both debut poetry books—how each individual oppression not only led to personal insecurity and devaluation, but also echoed a larger struggle felt by all minority communities. During the drafting process of this engagement, I explored the points of intersection between external experience and internal damage and how culture can play a role in normalizing minority circumstances. By the end, I hoped to not only define the reality of and flaws within certain oppressive systems, but also call attention to the importance of listening to and understanding the things that are often left unsaid.

VANLIZZA CHAU is a rising sophomore in Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. A California native, raised in sunny San Diego, she moved to Boston to begin exploring her love for writing and business. She would like to thank her professor—Jessica Bozek—for pushing the limits of her writing capabilities and teaching her to write with clarity and influence. Additionally, she would like to thank and dedicate this piece to her family who has unconditionally supported her through every milestone; to them, she owes the world.