Aaraf Afzal

“A Pacifist, a Veteran, and an Everyman Walk into a Bowling Alley: Humor, Punchlines, and Representations of Genre in The Big Lebowski”
Instructor: Michael Degener, WR 150

Vanessa Chien Lai

“Faith: The Elusive Truth and the Shattered Mirror”
Instructor: Patricia Larios, WR 098

Daniel Collins

“Brave New Island: Comparing the Dystopian Writings of Wells and Huxley”
Instructor: Theodora Goss, WR 150

Katie Kesler

“Eugenics in the United States: Its Past, Present, and Unacceptable Future”
Instructor: Ingrid Anderson, WR 100

Grace Li

“Gender Norms and the Suppression of Thought: An Extension of Annabel Patterson’s Thought is Free”
Instructor: Liam Meyer, WR 100

Muhan Liang

“How the García Girls Lost Their Accents and the Barrier for Globalization: Tribalism”
Instructor: Lesley Yoder, WR 098

Sophia Lipp

“Tinder: It’s Complicated”
Instructor: Aaron Hiltner, WR 150

Desmond Malloy

“No Glory For You: Emasculation, Disability And The Negation Of Leadership Potential”
Instructor: Aviva Cormier, WR 150

Emily Paige

“Organ Shop til You Drop: Ethical Concerns and Exploitation in the Organ Transplant Market”
Instructor: Ha Lee, WR 100

Sonali Paul

“Self-Interest Versus Empathy During the Progressive Era: Which One Fosters the Greatest Good?”
Instructor: Melanie Smith, WR 100

Chuanwei Zhou

“Motown Music: The Catalyst and Anthem of the Civil Rights Movement”
Instructor: Jessica Bozek, WR 150