When given the opportunity to write a paper addressing any of the films covered over the course of the semester, I knew that mine would address 5 Broken Cameras. The in-class discussions regarding the film followed the familiar narrative of “Israel does evil things to innocent people,” one that I have heard countless times throughout my life as a Muslim-American. With a chance to address the issue, I was able to question this train of thought in a way that identifies yet another issue that is overwhelmingly overlooked: people act differently when they know they are being watched. With more inspiration streaming in from the NSA scandal and the Edward Snowden leaks, I aimed to expose what could be yet another issue in Israel and the West Bank, and to offer possible steps toward sustainable peace in the region. This paper allowed me to be a contrarian, while still attempting to bridge a substantial gap between these nations.

CAMDEN DEAN is a Texas native, raised just outside of Dallas. He is a rising sophomore in the Questrom School of Business, pursuing studies in the areas of Finance and International Management.