Micah Baum

Paper:  Let’s Call An Audible: Safety in the National Football League
Instructor: Samantha Myers, WR 100

Jayne Evans

Paper: The Cage Door Had Clicked Shut and Not Open: an Exploration of Big Brother’s Use of Social Psychology in George Orwell’s 1984
Instructor: Christopher McVey, WR 100

Kailun Jiang

Paper: Disproving the Illusion of Justice—a Revelation in Montana 1948
Instructor: Soomin Jwa, WR 097

Aislinn Keane

Paper: Violence in “The Boy Died in My Alley:” Society and Self
Instructor: Jason Tandon, WR 100

Leanne Kehoe

Paper: From Cochabamba to Detroit: An Examination of Water Privatization and its Feasibility Around the World
Instructor: Melanie Smith, WR 150

Tova Levin

Paper: Secular Prayer:  Allen Ginsberg’s Jewish Identity Through “Kaddish” and “Howl”
Instructor: Jason Tandon, WR 150

Nicole Lukas

Paper: Chiang Kai-shek as Seen in Life:  Henry Luce’s Influence on American Perceptions of China
Instructor: Caitlin Dalton, WR 150

Chavisa Ramyarupa

Paper: Giant Joey
Instructor: Holly Schaaf, WR 150

Maisie Silver

Paper: Friendship, Sex, or Money?
Instructor: Maria Gapotchenko, WR 100