Nicholas Cerini

Paper:  Real-World Aid through the Lens of Fictional Poverty
Instructor: Tunzel Hayes, WR 150

Nicole Cesanek

Paper: Innocence and Loss: The Image of Flowers in William Carlos Williams’ Poetry
Instructor: Jason Tandon, WR 150

Brian Gambardella

Paper: Eugenics as a Forum for Interpreting Modern Relevance of Century-Old Concepts
Instructor: Melanie Smith, WR 100

Maria Hardiman

Paper: Unquestioned Perspectives: The Islamophobic Reactions to the Tunisian Constitution
Instructor: Samantha Myers, WR 150

Ani Keshishian

Paper: Depression: The Reality that is Overtreatment
Instructor: Samantha Moshier, WR 150

Lyndsey King

Paper: Henry’s Nightmare: A Fractured Personality as a Cohesive Self
Instructor: Jason Tandon, WR 150

Bo Krucik

Paper: The Only All Natural, Frustration-Free Package
Instructor: Ted Fitts, WR 100

Melanie Martins

Paper: Photography as a More-than-American Road Narrative
Instructor: Gwen Kordonowy, WR 100

Emma McAdams

Paper: Where is Our Apocalypse Now: A Need for Surrealism in the Post-Vietnam Era
Instructor: Seth Blumenthal, WR 100

Linxuan Wu

Paper: Resist Gently and Remember Who You Are
Instructor: Jennifer Sia, WR 098

Yuekun Zhao

Paper: An Uneven Chord: The Underrepresentation of Female Composers
Instructor: Karen Guendel, WR 100