I6 Cover Final

What is “The Pink Boar”?

“The Pink Boar” is a picture that I created to illustrate my message to the children in North Korea.

While the mountain boar symbolizes an impregnable creature that shows hostility, this boar with a bush of Korean rosebay (a pink flower) is a cute image that can evoke a smile. Thus, the boar is much less intimidating.

The North Korean civilians are constantly living under threats from the government’s Military First policy. The citizens follow strict regulations from the government because they are afraid that their actions and words might be taken offensively and therefore result in their execution. But they do not have to live in fear. Children especially don’t need to grow up that way—what they may need the most is a good chuckle to have their fears disappear. It is my hope that this image will be passed on to the children of North Korea to free their suppressed minds and encourage the blossoming of new ideas.