Britney Spears Is Pregnant 10 Months after She Begged a Judge to Let Her Remove Her IUD to Have a Baby. Here’s How Long It Takes to Conceive after Coming off Birth Control.

Mentions research by Jennifer Yland and Kathryn Bresnick, doctoral students in epidemiology; Lauren Wise, professor of epidemiology; Elizabeth Hatch and Kenneth Rothman, professors of epidemiology; Amelia Wesselink, research assistant professor of epidemiology; and Henrik T. Sørensen, chair of the Department of Clinical Epidemiology at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark and adjunct professor of epidemiology at SPH.

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Your Fertility Doesn’t Bounce Back Immediately After Coming off Birth Control. Here’s How Long You Can Expect to Wait for Each Method.

References study by Jennifer Yland, doctoral student in epidemiology;  Lauren Wise, professor of epidemiology; Kathryn Bresnick, doctoral student in epidemiology; Elizabeth Hatch and Kenneth Rothman, professors of epidemiology; Amelia Wesselink, postdoctoral associate in epidemiology

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