Bachelor of Liberal Studies/Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Science (BS)/Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program provides an opportunity to develop and pursue a course of study centered around a unifying theme, problem, or issue. Students must complete an application that proposes ten upper-level courses (40 credits), selected from various Metropolitan College departments and programs, that relate to their proposed interdisciplinary study topic. The application must include a statement of rationale for the topic and be sponsored by a faculty member. The application must then be reviewed and approved by the Associate Dean of Enrollment & Student Affairs.

Students who complete the bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies will be able to demonstrate:

  • A broad understanding of the liberal arts (that may be considered complete in itself or as suitable preparation for graduate studies), along with college-level rhetorical acumen through exposure to the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, including mathematics and computer science.
  • Critical thinking skills via analysis and synthesis of interdisciplinary material studied in the classical and contemporary liberal arts.
  • Preparedness for active citizenship by means of a strong foundation in the liberal arts and an understanding of the connectedness of knowledge and learning.

The BLS in Interdisciplinary Studies is also available through the online Undergraduate Degree Completion Program (UDCP). For students who wish to complete their bachelor’s degree—and who have previously earned 52–64 transferable academic credits—the UDCP offers a unique, completely online curriculum covering the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences.

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