Criminal Justice Professor Rousseau Wins BU Grant to Investigate Resilience in At-Risk Communities

Criminal justice is about more than just arrests and investigations. The applied social science also encompasses finding scalable solutions to the causes of crime, as well as reckoning with the roots of criminality, the traumatic legacies that crime and violence can leave behind, and the perseverance that sustains those in its wake.

MET Faculty Among BU’s Inaugural Fellows to Develop Antiracist Curricula

Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research has a mission to build an antiracist society that ensures racial equity and social justice. Now, a pair of MET faculty will take significant steps in advancing that mission by redesigning courses in ways that thoughtfully foreground antiracist practices in curricula and pedagogical strategies. Danielle Rousseau, assistant professor of […]

First Episode of MET Makes Conversation Podcast Tackles ‘Meaningful Change’ in Police Reform

Boston University’s Metropolitan College has entered the world of podcasting. The new show, MET Makes Conversation, is a resource for listeners to hear valuable perspectives on matters of the day via substantive discussions by BU MET faculty and thought leaders. The Movement for Black Lives has in recent years brought greater public attention to calls […]

Criminal Justice Faculty Examine BU Prison Education Program’s Legacy of Social Justice

This past November, MET professors of criminal justice Dr. Mary Ellen Mastrorilli and Dr. Danielle Rousseau were invited to join BU’s Slone Epidemiology Center to lead a midday Brown Bag Seminar focused on MET’s Prison Education Program (PEP), underscoring its legacy as a purposeful effort by BU to champion greater social justice. When activist Elizabeth […]

New Book Empowering Trauma Survivors from MET’s Danielle Rousseau

MET Criminal Justice Assistant Professor Danielle Rousseau is committed to helping survivors work through the physiological and psychological impacts of sexual trauma. In Yoga and Resilience: Empowering Practices for Survivors of Sexual Trauma, Dr. Rousseau, serving as editor, offers tangible tools, rooted in empirical and experiential data, to support survivors of sexual violence. As the […]

MET Corrections Expert to Lead Yoga-Based Reform Effort

Dr. Danielle Rousseau has long dedicated herself to the comprehensive rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals, with focus on issues related to gender, mental health, and trauma. To advance these aims, the assistant professor in the MET Criminal Justice master’s program will lead a new BU study dedicated to assessing the impact of trauma-informed yoga instruction on […]

MET Criminal Justice Authority Says Treatment of Incarcerated Women Shapes Future

When it comes to criminal justice reform, women—who make up a relatively small but growing amount of the United States’ overall incarcerated population—get the short end of the stick. According to Boston University Prison Education Program Faculty Coordinator Danielle Rousseau, reform often overlooks the specific plight of female inmates. This is a glaring oversight, the […]

Corrections Expert Joins Community Effort to Reduce Racial Disparities

Dr. Danielle Rousseau, a Metropolitan College Criminal Justice professor and faculty coordinator of the Boston University Prison Education Program, will give a presentation on how the BU community can affect change in bringing greater harmony and equality to vulnerable populations, close achievement gaps, and promote positive social growth in the region. The Reducing Disparities and […]