Biology Lecturer Andrey Vyshedskiy Puts Origins, Mechanics of Imagination Under the Microscope

With the ability to picture nearly anything in one’s mind’s eye, it can seem like our understanding of thought and the human mind is only bounded by the limitations of our imagination. In his Metropolitan College class, Neuroscience of Human Cognition: Imagination, Language, and Consciousness (MET BI 366), Dr. Andrey Vyshedskiy teaches students about the […]

How Catholic Symbolism, Mysticism Feeds Horror in Mass Media

Hollywood has a long tradition of drawing inspiration from diverse sources, but according to Dr. Regina Hansen, editor of Giving the Devil His Due: Satan and Cinema, one of the movie industry’s favorite creative wellsprings is the Catholic Church, thanks in large part to the religion’s relationship with the supernatural. Writing for The Conversation, Dr. […]

Out of Control: MET Lecturer Makes Sense of People and Weather

The world can be hard to understand, and the weather even harder. In a new Boston Globe “Ideas” editorial, Dr. Regina Hansen, faculty coordinator of the Metropolitan College online Undergraduate Degree Completion Program (UDCP) and master lecturer of rhetoric at BU’s College of General Studies, lent her perspective on the ways humanity has historically made […]

Could Neanderthals Speak? Science Supports Argument, Adjunct Professor Says

Whether or not homo sapiens’ evolutionary cousins, the Neanderthals, possessed and utilized verbal language is an ongoing debate in the scientific community. What answers we have can be found via the converging fields of neuroscience, linguistics, primatology, and paleoanthropology—which happen to be the academic specialization of Dr. Andrey G. Vyshedskiy. Vyshedskiy—who teaches biology to MET […]

Supernatural Scholar Dishes on 2020’s Lunar, Timely, Scary Halloween

As author of “Supernatural, Humanity, and the Soul: On the Highway to Hell and Back,” Dr. Regina Hansen is an expert on all matters of Halloween, from its pagan origins through its modern celebration as a community candy swap. Dr. Hansen, faculty coordinator of the Metropolitan College online Undergraduate Degree Completion Program (UDCP) and a […]

Words as Weapons: Heated Summer Brings New Relevance to MET Rhetoric Class

Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development Megan Sullivan’s MET course, Art of Rhetoric in Life and Work (MET IS 421), generally focuses on the power of writing, and how language can make an impact in our real world. But during this turbulent summer of 2020, as the world reckons with both airborne and social […]