Hub Requirements for Transfer Students

Beginning Fall 2020, entering transfer students follow a specially tailored Hub curriculum that builds on the coursework they have completed while assuring that they develop the capacities required of all BU graduates.

Transfer students take BU courses that fulfill units in each of the Hub areas below and must earn all 10 Hub units in order to graduate. A course can carry more than one Hub unit, and most students will fulfill Hub requirements in 4–5 courses. Hub courses can also count toward major and minor requirements, and students can elect to fulfill up to one unit with a Hub cocurricular experience. Courses used to fulfill Hub requirements must be taken at Boston University.

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Use this flyer as a quick reference for your Hub requirements:

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Hub Requirements for Transfer Students

Philosophical, Aesthetic, and Historical Interpretation

  • Philosophical Inquiry and Life’s Meanings OR Aesthetic Exploration OR Historical Consciousness (1 unit)

Scientific and Social Inquiry

  • Scientific Inquiry I OR Scientific Inquiry II* (1 unit)
  • Social Inquiry I OR Social Inquiry II* (1 unit)

Quantitative Reasoning

  • Quantitative Reasoning II* (1 unit)

Diversity, Civic Engagement, and Global Citizenship

  • The Individual in Community OR Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy OR Ethical Reasoning (1 unit)


  • Writing, Research, and Inquiry (CAS WR 150 or equivalent) OR Writing-Intensive Course* (1 unit)

Intellectual Toolkit

  • Critical Thinking (1 unit)
  • Research and Information Literacy (1 unit)
  • Teamwork/Collaboration (1 unit)
  • Creativity/Innovation (1 unit)
  • Life Skills (opportunities selected by student; no units required)

*Please note: Scientific Inquiry II, Social Inquiry II, Quantitative Reasoning II, and the Communication Hub areas all assume and build on previous coursework in these disciplines.