Biology Lecturer Andrey Vyshedskiy Puts Origins, Mechanics of Imagination Under the Microscope

With the ability to picture nearly anything in one’s mind’s eye, it can seem like our understanding of thought and the human mind is only bounded by the limitations of our imagination. In his Metropolitan College class, Neuroscience of Human Cognition: Imagination, Language, and Consciousness (MET BI 366), Dr. Andrey Vyshedskiy teaches students about the […]

Could Neanderthals Speak? Science Supports Argument, Adjunct Professor Says

Whether or not homo sapiens’ evolutionary cousins, the Neanderthals, possessed and utilized verbal language is an ongoing debate in the scientific community. What answers we have can be found via the converging fields of neuroscience, linguistics, primatology, and paleoanthropology—which happen to be the academic specialization of Dr. Andrey G. Vyshedskiy. Vyshedskiy—who teaches biology to MET […]

BioSciences Program Receives Baker Administration Funding to Develop Regional Workforce

BU’s BioSciences Academy—which is administered by Metropolitan College along with the School of Medicine—has been awarded a grant by Governor Charlie Baker to aid in their mission to help unemployed and underemployed persons with backgrounds in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) secure employment in the growing fields of life sciences and biotechnology. The BioSciences […]

New Insights on How We “Paint a Mental Picture” From MET Neuroscientist

Dr. Andrey Vyshedskiy, a neuroscientist who teaches biology to MET undergraduates, could be responsible for a breakthrough regarding the unique way the human brain conjures previously unseen imagery. According to Science Daily, Vyshedskiy’s newly published theories on “Mental Synthesis” offer new insight into the physical properties of mental imagery. Learn more about his theory, and […]