Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are an extremely important tool for student feedback, and invaluable in helping to identify and address academic and administrative problems, as well as outstanding teaching achievements. As such we hope that faculty and administrative coordinators carefully follow the instructions below.

For Faculty

Evaluations are completed via online software provided by the University.

  1. Evaluations should be completed during the last class session before the final.
  2. Prior to the last class, remind students that they will be filling out evaluations and they will need to bring a portable smart device (phone, tablet or laptop) with them to the next class meeting. Students will need to log in with their BU email and Kerberos password. If a student does not have a BU login or a portable smart device, please contact the Office of the Dean so we may make arrangements to assist the student.
  3. Instructors will be emailed an instructions sheet prior to the last week of class with a website URL for students to complete the evaluation. Please set aside about 15–20 minutes of class time for the evaluations. Write the URL clearly on the board.
  4. Instructors should not be present during evaluations.

For Students

Students should wait until the instructor leaves the room to complete their evaluations.

  1. Type the URL given to you by your instructor into your browser and log in with your BU email and Kerberos password.
  2. Complete the particular evaluation assigned to you for the course. Comments in the text fields are valued and encouraged. Please try to answer all questions.
  3. Close your browser once you have completed filling out the evaluation.