Incomplete Grade Contracts

At the end of a semester, if a student is unable to complete a course requirement for an acceptable reason, the student must request an Incomplete Grade Contract from the instructor.

  • Both the student and instructor must fill out an Incomplete Grade Contract. The instructor should not give the student an “I” grade without completing a contract with them. Download the Incomplete Grade Contract.
  • The Incomplete Grade Contract must be returned to the MET Dean’s office within three weeks of the last day of finals.
  • The student has one full semester to complete the work and turn it in to the instructor. Upon completion of the required work, the instructor must fill out a Grade Change Form with the MET Dean’s office. If the work is not completed after one semester, the student’s “I” grade will automatically be changed to an “F” by the Office of the University Registrar.

Grade Change Forms

All grade change forms need to be submitted to the MET Dean’s office for approval. In the case of instructor error, the form will be approved. The Dean will not countersign any grade change form that indicates a student did additional work to raise a grade. Late work requires the Incomplete Grade procedure described above.

To submit a grade change:

  • Forms are available in the Metropolitan College Dean’s office for Metropolitan College instructors only. Forms are only available in hard copy because carbon copies must be kept on file. Faculty may request via email that a grade change form be sent to a campus or home address.
  • The completed grade change form must be submitted to the Metropolitan College Dean’s office for approval from the Assistant Dean for Student Academic Affairs and transmittal to the Registrar’s office. Students may not pick up or deliver grade change forms, but are entitled to the pink carbon copy if they so choose.