Final Exams

At the beginning of every semester, faculty are asked to contact the MET Dean’s office to confirm whether or not they will be holding a final exam. Information regarding final exam dates can be found on the Office of the University Registrar’s website.

Things to know about final exams:

  • The Final Exam Matrix—made available by the Registrar’s office—details when each class block is scheduled for exams. Please review this at the beginning of each semester and contact the MET Dean’s office immediately in the event of discrepancies or issues.
  • Regarding your room, should you have special requests, group exams, or require additional technology for your exam, please contact the MET Dean’s office as soon as possible. In most cases, additional AV media (such as projectors) can be requested through Classroom Support Services and do not require a room change. However, should a room change be necessary, a request needs to be made to the MET Dean’s office. A request does not guarantee that a change has been made, though every effort will be made to resolve any issues.
  • The Registrar’s office will post exam dates, times, and room assignments to the Faculty Link. Faculty will be notified when this information becomes available.
  • It is the faculty members’ responsibility to check the Link and note the scheduling information for their finals. Any requests for exam changes made three weeks after the final exam schedule is posted to the Faculty Link will not be honored.

For any questions regarding final exams, please contact the MET Dean’s office by phone at 617-353-3000 or email.