Attendance Indicator

Every semester faculty are asked to help the Office of the University Registrar settle student accounts by reporting which students are and are not attending classes. Following is the procedure for completing this project in a timely manner:

  • A sheet will be sent out to all faculty who have students with unsettled accounts on their rosters. Please write “Y” or “N” next to each student to indicate whether or not they have attended (respectively).
  • Please fill these forms out promptly, as the turnaround for this project is very fast. Usually, faculty have only a week to complete and return these forms.
  • Faculty must either fax, call, or email their responses in to the MET Dean’s office. Do not mail the lists back through the post office or interdepartmental mail, as this takes too long.

For any questions regarding the Attendance Indicator please contact the MET Dean’s office by phone at 617-353-3000 or email.