Cross Registration with other BU Schools Colleges

Non-Metropolitan College students are those enrolled in other Boston University schools and colleges.

Registration for Non-MET Undergraduate Students

Due to the late registration of many Metropolitan College students, only a certain number of seats are reserved for non-Metropolitan College students in the College’s undergraduate classes. Once that number is reached, students are placed on a waitlist maintained by Student Services, 1010 Commonwealth Avenue, 1st Floor. To get on the waitlist students should:

  • Submit a completed Add/Drop Form to Student Services. Please make sure it is dated.
  • Priority is given to seniors, juniors, and UNI students, since College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) freshmen or sophomores registering for Metropolitan College courses need advisor approval.
  • If a student has registered for four courses, they must list the course to be dropped on the same form or attach written approval from their academic advisor for a course overload.
  • Students on the waitlist will be notified in August/beginning of January as to the availability of their desired course. Metropolitan College will then send the completed Add/Drop Form to the Registrar’s office to be processed.

Registration for Non-MET Graduate Students

In most graduate-level programs, seats are reserved for Metropolitan College graduate students. Boston University students who want to take a graduate-level Metropolitan College course should seek permission from the advisor at their BU school or college, and then seek permission from the Metropolitan College academic department or program office that offers the course they are interested in.

Registration in Other Schools and Colleges at BU

Metropolitan College students who wish to take a class offered by another school or college at Boston University must first seek the approval of their Metropolitan College advisor and then work with their advisor to seek the permission of the BU school or college offering the program. Both degree and nondegree students should be advised that the majority of their course load must be Metropolitan College courses.