You may pull in up to as many students as the room, suite, or apartment accommodates (e.g., if you live in a five-person suite, you may pull in one, two, three, or four students). However, current occupants of a given room, suite or apartment who select their same room have priority over students who request to be pulled in to that room, suite, or apartment.

Pull-ins for Same Room Selection

Pull-ins must be mutual—i.e., you must indicate that you are being pulled in by another student and provide that student’s BU ID number on your Housing Reservation, and the student who is pulling you in must also provide your BU ID number on his or her Housing Reservation.

Pull-ins for Internal and Community Room Selection

To either pull in other students or be pulled:

  • Indicate on your Housing Reservation that you wish to participate in Internal or Community Room Selection.
  • All pull-ins must have completed a Housing Reservation and must be present at the Room Selection appointment time of the student who is selecting a room.
  • You cannot be pulled in to a room if you have already selected a room in any previous phase of Room Selection.
  • Students who are not pulled in must return to Room Selection later.