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  • Suffolk Journal

    November 14th, 2019

    Black Reparations—How to Hold the Nation Accountable — quotes Dean Sandro Galea and Candice Belanoff, clinical associate professor of community health sciences  

  • ‘We Need Nothing Less Than a World That Generates Health’

    Dean Sandro Galea speaking at a podium that says APHA

    November 7th, 2019

    At the opening session of the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting, Dean Sandro Galea provided keynote remarks in which he called upon attendees to take on health barriers such as racism, poverty, and climate change.

  • ‘A Matter of National Responsibility’

    November 1st, 2019

    Ahead of a Diversity & Inclusion Seminar, William Darity, professor of public policy at Duke University, on reparations, the racial wealth gap, and the culpability of the United States government.

  • Some Gun Violence Risk Factors Are Visible from Space

    Shape-Up interface showing a satellite view of a neighborhood in Philadelphia with one block highlighted

    October 31st, 2019

    Shape-Up, led by Jonathan Jay, uses satellite imagery, machine learning, and community reports to show where improving public spaces can reduce gun violence.

  • Boston Globe

    October 31st, 2019

    Colleges Struggle to Help Growing Number of Students with Mental Health Trouble — quotes Sarah Lipson, assistant professor of health law, policy & management

  • ‘We’ve Got Work to Do’

    October 24th, 2019

    The 400 Years of Inequality Dean’s Symposium convened keynote speakers Cornell William Brooks and Neera Tanden, as well as scholars, lawyers, and activists, for a day of heartfelt discussions on the history and impact of racial inequality in America.

  • Race, History, and the Science of Health Inequities

    October 11th, 2019

    To end racial health gaps, we must address the past that informs them.

  • 400 Years of Inequality: An Interactive Timeline

    October 11th, 2019

    The Activist Lab invites the SPH community to add to the timeline in the Talbot Lobby throughout the month of October.

  • Kansas City Star

    September 4th, 2019

    Is Racism a Public Health Crisis? Black Men in KC Have the Shortest Life Expectancy — mentions Dean Sandro Galea

  • University Network

    September 4th, 2019

    How Colleges Can Help Transgender Students Struggling with Mental Health — quotes Sarah Lipson and Julia Raifman, assistant professors of health law, policy & management