Period Project @ BUSPH.

Mission and Vision:

The mission of the Period Project at BUSPH is to ensure that students have equitable access to menstrual hygiene supplies and menstrual health education on campus. Our vision is to foster a community that destigmatizes periods and promotes equitable, safe, inclusive, and affordable menstrual care on campus and in Boston. Read More.

Meet the Executive Board Officers:


President: Grace Koch (she/her)



Vice President: Taylor Halvensleben (she/her)



Secretary: Peyton Comfort



Treasurer: Manogna Mutte (she/her)



Community Action Coordinator: Sherly



Workshop Coordinator: Hannah Jacobson (she/her)



Social Media Coordinator: Abby Varker



Campus Liaison: Abrielle Brown





First Year Representative: Darya Iranmanesh




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Instagram: @periodproject_busph