EQUIP: Analytics to Achieve Global HIV Targets.

Countries around the world have adopted the UNAIDS global “90-90-­90” targets for HIV management: 90% of those infected know their status; 90% of those who know that they are infected are on antiretroviral therapy (ART); and 90% of those on ART are virally suppressed. EQUIP is a global cooperative agreement between USAID and a consortium of African organizations to provide support and technical assistance to USAID countries to foster achievement of 90-­90-90. BUSPH is a supporting partner in the EQUIP consortium, with a focus on economic evaluation and other data analysis. Projects including measuring and modeling the cost-­effectiveness of different approaches to ART service delivery; national­-level modeling of the impact and budgetary requirements of meeting the targets; and research on viral load testing scaleup, integrated treatment of HIV and HCV, and other related topics.

Most of our 2019-2020 EQUIP work is in Zambia and Uganda, with additional activities in South Africa, Malawi, Lesotho, Myanmar, and Ukraine.

Lead SPH Investigator

Sydney Rosen

SPH Co-­Investigators

Brooke Nichols, Lawrence Long