Pengsheng Ni

Pengsheng Ni, MD

Research Associate Professor, Health Law, Policy & Management - Boston University School of Public Health


Pengsheng Ni, MD, MPH has a medical degree from Shanghai Medical University is Research Associate Professor of Health Law, Policy & Management at Boston University School of Public Health. His main research interest is statistical methodology development and application for patient report outcome. His current work is applying different Item Response Theory (IRT) models to practical health care assessment issues, building Unidimensional and Multidimensional Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) models. He has been worked in multiple health care outcome assessments development process (such as Activity Measure for Post-acute Care (AM-PAC), Late Life Function and Disability Instrument, Work Disability Functional Assessment Battery (WD-FAB), etc.), which included the data collection program development, item bank construct, CAT program development and evaluation.


  • Shanghai Medical University, MD Field of Study: Medicine
  • Shanghai Medical University, MPH Field of Study: Biostatistics



  • Published on 1/5/2024

    Patel KF, Ni P, Surette KE, Rencken CA, Rodríguez-Mercedes SL, McGwin MB, Fabia R, Tully C, Warner P, Romanowski KS, Palmieri T, Stoddard FJ, Schneider JC, Kazis LE, Ryan CM. Development of the Preschool Life Impact Burn Recovery Evaluation (PS-LIBRE1-5) Profile. J Burn Care Res. 2024 Jan 05; 45(1):136-144. PMID: 37703100.

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  • Published on 10/4/2023

    Lin YN, Van Sang P, Chiu V, Kang JH, Liou TH, Ni P, Chang FH. Prediction of Changes in Functional Outcomes During the First Year After Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation: A Longitudinal Study. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2023 Oct 04. PMID: 37802175.

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  • Published on 9/22/2023

    Pineles SL, Ni P, Pandey S, Japuntich SJ, Cesare N, Shor R, Carpenter JK, Gregor K, Joos CM, Blumenthal TD, Rasmusson AM. Tobacco withdrawal-induced changes in sensorimotor filtering as a predictor of smoking lapse in trauma-exposed individuals. Addict Behav. 2024 Jan; 148:107868. PMID: 37774527.

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  • Published on 8/16/2023

    Quach ED, Franzosa E, Zhao S, Ni P, Hartmann CW, Moo LR. Home and Community-Based Service Use Varies by Health Care Team and Comorbidity Level of Veterans with Dementia. J Gerontol Soc Work. 2024; 67(2):242-257. PMID: 37584150.

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  • Published on 8/9/2023

    Bodien YG, Vora I, Barra A, Chiang K, Chatelle C, Goostrey K, Martens G, Malone C, Mello J, Parlman K, Ranford J, Sterling A, Waters AB, Hirschberg R, Katz DI, Mazwi N, Ni P, Velmahos G, Waak K, Edlow BL, Giacino JT. Feasibility and Validity of the Coma Recovery Scale-Revised for Accelerated Standardized Testing: A Practical Assessment Tool for Detecting Consciousness in the Intensive Care Unit. Ann Neurol. 2023 Nov; 94(5):919-924. PMID: 37488068.

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  • Published on 6/30/2023

    Deng H, Shepler LJ, Chacon KL, Tenney D, Ni P, Stewart BT, Carrougher GJ, Kowalske K, Wolf SE, Slavin MD, Kazis LE, Ryan CM, Schneider JC. Predictors at 6 and 12 Months for Social Participation Outcome at 24 Months in the Adult Burn Injury Population: A Burn Model System National Database Study. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2024 Feb; 105(2):235-242. PMID: 37392780.

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  • Published on 3/9/2023

    Resnik L, Borgia M, Clark MA, Ni P. Measuring residual limb health in persons with upper limb amputation: Modifications of the Prosthetic Evaluation Questionnaire residual limb health scale. Prosthet Orthot Int. 2023 Oct 01; 47(5):544-551. PMID: 36897201.

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  • Published on 3/9/2023

    Resnik LJ, Borgia M, Clark MA, Ni P. Out-of-pocket costs and affordability of upper limb prostheses. Prosthet Orthot Int. 2024 Jan 01; 48(1):108-114. PMID: 36897203.

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  • Published on 1/5/2023

    Kelter BM, Shepler LJ, Ni P, Kazis LE, Stewart BT, Ryan CM, Schneider JC. Community Socioeconomic Status is Associated With Social Participation Outcomes. J Burn Care Res. 2023 Jan 05; 44(1):222-223. PMID: 36371723.

    Read At: PubMed
  • Published on 12/1/2022

    Chang FH, Lin YN, Liou TH, Ni PS. Predicting trends of community participation after hospital discharge for younger adults after stroke. Ann Phys Rehabil Med. 2023 Feb; 66(1):101644. PMID: 35150932.

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