Students work with the Activist Lab to gain the knowledge and real-world experience they need to face each injustice as an opportunity to confront the systems that created it.

Grow Your Practice

For SPH students to meet the world as it is, we support them with the resources they need to take their public health practice to the next level. We developed an ever-evolving series of programs and opportunities to ground students in the core competencies of public health practice while also supporting their passion for social justice. 

Essential practice skills include clear written and oral communication, data analysis and interpretation, budget management, strategic thinking and planning, team and community engagement, and the art of leadership. Students learn the skills that complement and augment the world-class education provided in the classroom in order to prepare them to successfully face the world throughout their careers.

Activist Practicum

Impact Grants 

Activist Fellowships 

Advocacy Workshops and Training:

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