Generation Health.


For the past few years, the number of fully paid practicums conducted by students at Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) has been well under 40%. The Career and Practicum Office realizes that many graduate students are not in a position to accept an unpaid practicum as part of their master’s program and are therefore limited in the type of opportunity in which they can participate.

As part of its work to center equity, BUSPH is pleased to announce a Generation Health starting in the Spring of 2023 to fund students who wish to embark on unpaid internships at nonprofits, NGOs, governmental and public health agencies and other organizations dedicated to improving the health of domestic and global populations. As a practice-based school of public health, BUSPH is committed to fostering experiential learning activities to better prepare our graduates to be successful in the world of work. All in-person MPH students (domestic, international and dual degree) seeking to complete a 240+ hour unpaid practicum (not a course equivalency) are eligible apply. Those who work full time, are in the MPH program part time, and are doing their practicum in their place of employment are not eligible for the award.

Award Information for Students

MPH students will have the chance to be awarded up to $5,000, which amounts to $20/hour for 240 hours, through a selection process that is intended for students with the greatest need. To be eligible, you must be a current student at BUSPH in good academic standing; plan to secure an unpaid practicum of at least 240 hours in the semester for which cycle you are applying for; and demonstrate need as determined by financial need and/or an underrepresented identity:

  1. In current financial need is determined by the student’s attestation that you would not be able to accept an unpaid practicum without this award and that there is no family or other support available to you for Summer 2022 living expenses.
  2. Have an underrepresented identity which we are defining as an identity which has been historically marginalized including but not limited to: race/ethnicity; sexual orientation; gender identity and/or expression; first generation undergraduate/graduate student; religion; ability; country of origin; US Veteran status

Expectations & Eligibility

Students do not need to have a practicum site identified at the time of the application submission, however students should be able to articulate the type of work they are proposing to do and the employer type (nonprofit, NGO, governmental and/or public health agency, start-up). Students who have already secured an unpaid Spring 2023 practicum are eligible to apply for the first round of funding. All standing BUSPH Practicum requirements, policies, and procedures are applicable to the placement. Those who have already begun a practicum in a previous semester are not eligible for this award.

Practicum dates for eligibility:

  • Spring: Practicum must start before April 1st.
  • Summer: Practicum must start before August 1st.
  • Fall: Practicum must start before November 1st.

How to Apply:

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Be in good academic standing
  • Attest to financial need which ensures that there is no familial support available to your living expenses in the semester for the cycle you are applying
  • Hold an underrepresented identity (see criteria above)
  • Demonstrated interest in working for an employer that is unable to pay
  • Significant circumstances that are brought forward in your personal statement may factor into your decision

Use the Google form below to answer the questions and upload the following attachments:

  • Personal statement (max of 500 words) describing the practicum or a possible practicum and its connection to your educational experience and goals. Optional: You are welcome to include anything about your lived experience and/or your financial situation that you would like reviewers to know. We will take significant circumstances into consideration during the review cycle.
  • BUSPH Unofficial Transcript

Applying for Generation Health does not guarantee you will receive funds for the semester.

Application & Review Cycle

The application cycles for 2023 are:

  • Spring: December 21st – January 25th (for Spring ’23)
    • September 5th – October 3rd (Spring ’24)
  • Summer: January 19th – February 16th
  • Fall: June 1st – June 30th

The review process will take 2-3 weeks after the cycle closes, and you will be notified of your award as soon as the review process is complete.

Generation Health applications are blind reviewed by student representatives who have completed their practicum.

Awarding Funds

For students who are chosen to receive an award:

  • In order for you to be eligible for approved funds to be transferred into your account, you must provide a letter from the practicum employer, on official letterhead stating that the practicum is unpaid or the amount of partial payment.
  • If you receive a partial stipend from the employer, that amount will be deducted from the total amount awarded from BUSPH.
  • If the practicum you end up accepting is paid by the employer or a third party, BUSPH expects you to relinquish the funds offered by this award.
  • The funding will not be allocated until your practicum has been fully approved in the portal.
  • Important: If you have borrowed up to the cost of attendance in student loans, due to federal regulations, Generation Health funds will instead be used to reduce your total loan amount, and therefore the funds will not be released for use, but rather be used to replace a portion of the loans you’ve borrowed this semester.

For questions and/or assistance in completing the application, please contact

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